Zynga | Farmville 2

When Zynga wanted to break the news that Farmville 2 was released, they hired us to put together a short animation that gives people a taste of what they expect on the farm.


Ford | 2011 YearEnd Clearance - Touchscreen

This was a series of spots for the 2011 Ford Year End Clearance campaign with JWT. With Nathan Goreham on inital shaders and model setup and Lyn Caudle directing the live shoot for the hand element, I was the project lead and was responsible for the animation, lighting, rendering, composite, and edit. 

For a behind the scenes of the shoot, check out my personal section. :)


Zynga | Castleville Animation

Zynga's new game Castleville has so many crazy characters, that they thought you should get to know a few! This piece was done to introduce the world to Sonja and George. While the team banded together to crank out 4 different spots, I was in charge of this one throughout most of its production. Characters were done by Jesse Sandifer, while I took care of scene assembly, lighting, animation direction, as well as some rendering and composite.


Certain Affinity | Intro Logo Animation

A logo intro I did for Certain Affinity, a new Austin game-studio. You can see it at the beginning of their latest game Crimson Alliance!


Hasbro | StarWars UltimateFX Lightsabers

A fun piece I worked on for Hasbro's Ultimate FX Lightsabers. While the guys over at 3008 handled the hologram FX and supers, I was responsible for the opening logo animation, column design, set extension/integration, as well as being the FX Supervisor on set. 


Sony Online Ent. | DC Universe Motion Comic

A test I directed for Sony Online Entertainment. We were given scans of a couple of comic book panels and told to bring it to life. While I did all of the separation, repaint, and extension of the art.. 75% of the animation was 2d and done in After Effects. The final scenes were actually projected art on 3d models and animated in 3dsMax. I then handled the 3d composite and title slide animation in Fusion.


Nerf | SuperSoaker

Just in time for summer, Nerf's new SuperSoaker commercials feature a shiny new set of logos as well as some CG water FX during the super slow motion sections.


Boost Mobile | 'LongFace' and 'TragicFace'

When the foam masks failed to show enough emotion... Boost Mobile/Inspire called on us to replace the entire face with a cg double.


Dallas Cowboys | On To Victory

An inspirational animation done for the Dallas Cowboys.


Nerf | Stampede Teaser

A full cg commercial done for Uproar!/Nerf as a teaser for the upcoming release of their new dart gun.


DFW | Holiday Compaign

An animation done for DFW Airport's internal Holiday campaign to promote shopping within the airport. .


PapaJohns | Ultimate Cowboys

A commercial done for Loomis/PapaJohns to promote their new Ultimate Cowboys special.


Dallas Mavericks | Dirk Origins

Here's a quick little piece I directed for the Dallas Mavericks as they told the story of their latest MVP!


Dallas Mavericks | Tron

While I can't say that it's an entirely original idea, I can say that it was alot of fun to do. We put together this little animation for the Dallas Mavericks, based off of the first trailer Disney released for the upcoming Tron sequel.

This was really my first chance to manage a production all the way thru. I did the storyboards, created both bikes, and did all the fx, compositing, and rendering. Both riders were done by Jesse Sandifer, with Justin Wyatt and Nathan Goreham on animation and scene creation. Plus the guys over at Dallas Audio Post hooked us up with a sweet soundtrack.


GGS | Vein Test

A quick test shot we did while trying to land a cinematic job. I modeled and textured all of the vein walls, the hardware, as well as all of the dead cells.


Nerf | NStrike Arsenal Poster

After working on a spot for Nerf, I took the 7 guns we had to build and put together this little image.


Ford | Truck Month 2009

For Ford's 2009 Truck Month campaign, we worked with a local edit house to produce these four commercials. While the edit house handled the text graphics, we produced all the animated cg elements.


Dallas Mavericks | Transformers II

While Michael Bay was updating his Transformers, the Mavericks asked us to update ours.


The Unit | Tunnel Flood

While our RealFlow guru handled the main water effects for this shot from 'The Unit', I provided all the car setup and animation. If you look closely, you can see the rat I added for fun. :)


Nokia | Test Spot

A test spot done as a pitch for Nokia. I created the initial concept as well as several of the assets.


Dallas Mavericks | 2009 Playoff Opener

Well they may have not gotten very far... but the Mavericks were in the playoffs this year. And with that comes a new opener.


Dallas Mavericks | Transformers

Here's an animation we did for the Dallas Mavericks. Based on the old Transformers cartoon intro, we turned the Mavericks starting lineup into some pretty cool heroes. Though the ideas was part of a studio brainstorming session, I handled the story-boarding and alot of the animation, modeling and effects.


Two Minute Warning Intro

The opening cinematic for 'Two Minute Warning'. I handled the character animation myself with the help of a huge mocap library from House of Moves.